REACH Financial Success Program

REACH Your Dreams Financial Success Education

Heartland FCU is committed to helping our members and their families REACH their dreams through innovative financial solutions.

Our REACH Financial Success Program is a free benefit, providing interactive financial education modules that are short and easy to understand. This training provides information on critical topics to increase financial knowledge, giving members the resources to plan for their financial future. Topic include:

  • Financial Wellness in Uncertain times
  • Building Financial Capability
  • Investing in Your Future
  • Road map to Financial Strength
  • Financial Foundation
  • Owning a Home
  • Preparing for Retirement

Free K-12 Courses

Heartland FCU is thrilled to offer you access to a library of 20+ digital courses for students in grades K-12. These courses cover critical topics including financial  education, mental wellness, prescription drug  safety, compassion, digital wellness, and more. Heartland FCU has  partnered with global education technology leader EVERFI to provide REACH Financial Education to students as part of  our community engagement efforts.

EVERFI traditionally implements these K-12 courses in a classroom setting, but in response to the extended shutdown  of our nation’s schools, we have partnered with them to provide parents and students with direct access for a limited time. Topics include:

  • Financial Education
  • Mental Wellness
  • Social Emotional Learning
  • College and Career Readiness
  • Early Literacy
  • STEM
  • Prescription Drug Safety
  • And More!

Below is an example of the interactive learning experiences you’ll see throughout this Web site. We hope you enjoy them and gain valuable insight into your own financial well-being.

REACH Financial Success Education

Family Conversations About Money

Money can be a difficult thing to talk about – but having proactive, honest conversations about money with your family can help reduce stress and improve the financial capability of generations to come. This short, interactive financial experience will teach you more about:

  • Identifying the appropriate family members to include in the conversation
  • Strategies to make conversations productive
  • How to develop an action plan to create positive financial behaviors.

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