Signature Loans

None of us have a money tree in our backyard, and sometimes we all need a little bit of extra cash. Signature loans are for personal use when you don’t have collateral or want to use the equity in your house.

Unsecured Signature Loans

Sometimes called “personal” loans, an unsecured loan can be obtained with a very simple loan application process.

Share Secured Signature Loans

Signature loans may be secured with collateral to help lower the interest rate. Collateral can be an automobile or other item with verifiable value. You can also collateralize a loan by securing or pledging funds from your savings or share certificate account. While the loan has a balance, the amount is held, but it continues to earn dividends.

Vacation, Back to School, & Holiday Loans

During the summer months, back to school, and around the holidays Heartland FCU may offer a special interest rate – and no origination fee!

Loan Protection

Help protect your family against the unexpected with our debt protection programs.



Pays off loan balance if borrower passes away



Your loan payments are covered if a disability occurs due to injury or illness.


Involuntary Unemployment

Your loan payments are covered if a job loss happens.


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