Personal Loans

Perfect for buying a new computer, paying for your wedding, or purchasing season tickets to your favorite team, a personal loan from Heartland FCU can finance your next project or adventure.

Share Secured Personal Loans

Personal loans may be secured with collateral to help lower the interest rate. Collateral can be an automobile or other item with verifiable value. You can also collateralize a loan by securing or pledging funds from your savings account or share certificate. The amount is held from being withdrawn but continues to earn interest for your savings, making this a great way to accomplish two goals at once or to rebuild your credit history.

Unsecured Personal Loans and Holiday Loans

Sometimes called "signatureā€¯ loans, an unsecured personal loan can be obtained with just a signature on the application by members with an excellent credit history and scores.

Debt Protection

For a nominal fee added to your loan payment, Debt Cancellation will help protect your family in the event of your death or disability. Learn more.

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