Overdraft Products

Let’s face it, overdrafts happen. Heartland Federal Credit Union offers several ways for our members to avoid returned items.

Overdraft Protection (Transfer Option)

Overdraft Protection is the linking of your checking account to your savings account or line of credit. In order to transfer funds for payment of checks, ACH items and other withdrawals such as bill payment items, you must complete a form Overdraft Protection form directing us where to transfer funds from, and in what order. A transfer fee will be charged with Overdraft Protection.

Courtesy Pay

As a benefit to our members, Heartland FCU offers Courtesy Pay for our checking accounts. When used, this feature will save you overdraft fees charged by many other companies for returned items, as well as time and inconvenience. If Overdraft Protection is not assigned, or if there is not enough available to pay the item, Courtesy Pay* may kick in and take your account up to $500 in the negative. A fee is charged for each transaction when this feature is utilized. The Courtesy Pay Program should only be used to cover occasional overdrafts created by checks, ACH items or other withdrawals, such as bill pay items. Please reference the Explanation of Courtesy Pay Form for complete details.

* Member is eligible for Overdraft Privilege if the following conditions are met:

  • Account has been open for at least 60 days.
  • Member has had ACH deposits of at least $400 into the account in the last 30 days.
  • Member is not in default on any loan obligation under any account number
  • Member is not continuously overdrawn for 30 days.

Courtesy Pay for Everyday Debit Purchases and ATM Transactions

Courtesy Pay doesn’t generally cover every day debit purchases and ATM transactions. In order for these types of transactions to be covered, you must sign a separate election form agreeing to the fees charged for these types of transactions. Email or call 937.294.1991 to sign up for this coverage.

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