It’sMe247 Limits

Mobile Check Deposit

3 pm cut off Monday – Friday

max amount per deposit$5,000
max amount per day$5,000
max item deposits per day10
max total within 30 day cycle$25,000

It’sMe247 Bill Pay Limits

4 pm cut off Monday – Friday

New to Bill Pay (First 90 Days)

max payment amount$5,000
max item deposits per day$5,000
max monthly amount$7,500

After First 90 Days

max payment amount$20,000
max item deposits per day$20,000
max monthly amount$30,000

A2A (Account to Account) Transfer

per transaction$2,500
per day$2,500
48 hour period$5,000
10-day period$10,000
30-day period$30,000
60-day period$60,000

P2P (Person to Person) Transfer

4 pm cut off Monday through Friday

max payment amount$2,500
max daily amount$2,500
max monthly amount$5,000

HFCU employees are wearing masks and/or face shields and we require our members to do the same.Review more COVID-19 related information
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