It’sMe247 Limits

Mobile Check Deposit

3 pm cut off Monday – Friday

max amount per deposit$5,000
max amount per day$5,000
max item deposits per day10
max total within 30 day cycle$25,000

It’sMe247 Bill Pay Limits

4 pm cut off Monday – Friday

New to Bill Pay (First 90 Days)

max payment amount$5,000
max item deposits per day$5,000
max monthly amount$7,500

After First 90 Days

max payment amount$20,000
max item deposits per day$20,000
max monthly amount$30,000

A2A (Account to Account) Transfer

per transaction$2,500
per day$2,500
48 hour period$5,000
10-day period$10,000
30-day period$30,000
60-day period$60,000

P2P (Person to Person) Transfer

4 pm cut off Monday through Friday

max payment amount$2,500
max daily amount$2,500
max monthly amount$5,000

HELPING ... PROTECTING ... INFORMING - COVID-19 Update: Emergency financial assistance is available for members. Branch lobbies are open. Some Shared Branch locations may not be available. If you would like to make an appointment, click to our COVID-19 Resource Page.Learn more about our response to COVID-19
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