Fee Schedule

Heartland Federal Credit Union Service Fee Schedule – Effective 8/15/2020

General FeesFees
Account closure (if closed within 90 days)$15
Account research$15/ hour
Bad address$5/ returned item
Mailing & Overnight Mailingactual postage
International Overnight Mailingvaries
Credit union check (if made out to someone other than the member)$5
Cash a Member’s check to a non-member$5
Dormant account (after 6 months of no activity and balance is less than $500)$5/ month
Fax (member only service)$1
Notary ServiceFREE for Members
Garnishment$10/ check
Reopening account (if closed within last 12 months)$45
Copy of statement in It’sMe247 Online BankingFREE
Copy of statement (HFCU prints)$5/ copy
Copy of check in It’sMe247 Online BankingFREE
Copy of check (HFCU prints)$5/ copy
Domestic wire transfer – incoming$10
Domestic wire transfer – outgoing$20
International wire transfer – incoming$60
Reg D Transaction* (per transaction after the 6 allowable withdrawals and transfers from a savings)$5
ACH Deposit Early Posting$10
Checking FeesSimpleDREAMREACHOpportunityBusinessMoney Market
Monthly Fee$0$0$0$4.95/$9.95*$15$0
Low Balance Fee$0$0$0$0$0$7**
Overdraft Transfer$5$5$5$5$5$5
Returned Item$10$10$10$10$10$10
NSF $35$5$20$35$35$35
Overdraft $35$5$20$35n/an/a
Stop Payment$25$25$25$25$25$25

* $4.95 with direct deposit and $9.95 without direct deposit
** fee for Money Market Savings and Money Market Checking if balance falls below minimum daily balance of $2,500

Safe Deposit Box FeesFees
3″ x 10″ box$40/ year
5″ x 5″ box$30/ year
5″ x 10″ box$50/ year
10″ x 10″ box$60/ year
Lock drilling$150
Late payment$10
Specific Accounts FeesFees
IRA monthly low balance fee (if balance falls below the monthly daily balance of $300)$5
IRA & HSA account closure$25
VISA Credit Card and Debit Card FeesFees
Card replacement$10
Temporary card limit increase$10
Card overnight mailing$75
Visa Credit Card Returned Checkup to $27
Visa Late Paymentup to $27

Currency conversion for international travel varies and is charged by VISA. For additional service fees, refer to card holder agreement.

Loan FeesFees
Loan processing fee$95
Vehicle title fee$15
HELOC (home equity line of credit ) processing fee- personal use$295
HELOC (home equity line of credit ) processing fee – investment$395
Returned loan payment$25
Loan late payment$40 (or per your note)
Non recurring ACH loan paymentFREE
Online or by phone loan paymentvaries
Skip a Pay$50
Loan coupons$5 + postage/ 12 coupons

Regulation D Limit

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