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Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. If you need further assistance, please contact us.

It’sMe247 Online Banking

Go to It’sMe247 > click First-time User? and follow the prompts to create a new username, password, and security questions. Be sure to accept the eStatement disclosure. Watch this video for more assistance.

This is part of the It’sMe247 security and is for your protection.

If you are the owner of multiple accounts, contact HFCU to activate “See” and “Jump” features. “See” allows you to log into your membership and monitor balances and transaction activity for another account you are owner of. “Jump” allows you to jump to another online account without logging in or out of your current It’sMe247 session.

It’sMe247 > Pay & Transfer > Transfer Money > follow the 4 steps > click Continue with Transfer > click I authorize this transfer. Watch this video for more details. Contact HFCU to set up the ability to switch memberships or transfer to/from another financial institution (known as A2A transfer).

Yes! Once logged in, go to My Accounts > Downloads. Select the account, date and file format, then click Download.

An e-mail is sent to members usually on the 1st, no later than the 2nd or 3rd of the month with a link to It’sMe247 so you may view your current and past eStatements. If you have not received this e-mail:

  1. Have you looked in your email junk or trash bin?
  2. Has your email address recently changed? To check/fix this, log in to It’sMe247 > Info Center > under Preferences > click Personal Information.

Yes! In It’sMe247 Online you can go to My Accounts > ACH Transactions and see a list of pending electronic deposits and withdrawals. In It’sMe247 Mobile you can view pending ACH Transactions in My Accounts > ACH Transactions.

Absolutely! You can transfer money to and from HFCU and other financial institutions using A2A. Log in to It’sMe247 > click Info Center > under My Preferences click Account to Account Transfer Setup. Once set up, the other financial institution will be another option for you under Pay & Transfer in It’sMe247.

Absolutely! It’sMe247 > Pay & Transfer > Pay Anyone. You must enroll in Bill Pay in order to use the Pay Anyone service. Watch these videos to learn how to:

  1. Make a Person-to-Person Payment
  2. Accept a Person-to-Person Payment
  3. Cancel a Person-to-Person Payment

After logging into It’sMe247, there are two ways to view a check image:

  1. In Transaction History, the cleared draft # will be shown > click View Check to see image.
  2. Or go to My Accounts > Cleared Checks > select specific check or view all.

You will see Messages and Notifications on the left-hand side of It’sMe247. You can delete messages once you read them, but Notifications remain in your message section for 30 days.

Click Info Center > Under Info Center click Helpful Links > Credit Card Login. You will need a separate username and password to access this Web site. In It’sMe247, you can view your balance and make a payment, but if you want to see transactions you will need to access the Visa site.

It’sMe247 Mobile App

Download the It’sMe247 Mobile App from iTunes or Google Play. You can view your account balances and history, makes transfers, deposit checks, pay bills, apply for a loan, find a Shared Branch, and more.

Yes! Gone are the days that you must type in your Username and Password. You can also set up voice or face recognition, or a 4-digit pin. Once in the app click “My Accounts” and you should see a prompt to set up this easy-to-use security feature.

Absolutely! Log in to the app > click Pay & Transfer > Click Pay Bills

Log in to the app > in the footer, click Move Money > click Deposit Check > first time users will need to Register (approval takes approximately 24 hours). Watch this video to learn more.

It’sMe247 Bill Pay

Watch these It’sMe247 videos to learn how to:

  1. Enroll in It’sMe247 Bill Pay
  2. Add a payee
  3. Delete a payee
  4. Schedule a payment
  5. Set up an eBill

Note: you must have an online profile established with the biller in order to enroll it in eBills.

There are two types of payees: electronic and check. Depending on the payment arrangement we have with your vendor, your payment is sent electronically or by check. For electronic payments, the funds to cover a bill payment are withdrawn from the funding account on the selected payment date. For check payments, the funds are withdrawn when the check clears, after the payee deposits the check.

It’sMe247 Online Banking > Pay & Transfer > Bill Pay Home > click All Pending Payments icon.

When setting up a payment, be sure to pay special attention to the “Estimated Delivery” date to the left of the calendar. Make sure this date is on, or prior to, your due date. Payments set up after 5:00 pm ET will be processed on the next business day. When you click Submit Payment, be sure to click the OK button on the next screen to complete the payment process.

It’sMe247 Online Banking > Pay & Transfer > Bill Pay Home > click the gear icon Accounts/Settings > click Unenroll. Be sure you cancel any pending payments first and make other payment arrangements with your vendor.

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