ATM & Debit Cards

Access your money with a swipe of your card.

Heartland offers eligible members a FREE ATM / Visa® Debit Card giving you purchasing power and providing you access to your funds anywhere you see the Alliance One, Accel, CU Here, Money Pass, Plus System or where Visa is accepted.

Totally Free Checking

Debit · 1.844.665.5221

  • Activate your Debit Card
  • Fraud, dispute transactions, lost or stolen
  • Declined transactions with sufficient funds
  • Travel notifications
    – If you plan to travel call 1.844.665.5221 so our fraud department can ensure your card usage won't be interrupted.

Change your Visa PIN · 1.866.661.8548

ATM / Visa Debit Card

Your Heartland Card will allow you to withdraw money, make transfers, and review your balances at any ATM that displays the Alliance One, Accel, Credit Union 24/CU Here, Money Pass, Plus System or Visa logo. In addition to using at ATMs for transactions, your Card is accepted at millions of merchants worldwide for purchases. Transactions are deducted from your linked checking account just like writing a check. Some merchants allow additional cash back when a transaction is processed as a "debit” at the point of sale. When your request the purchase be processed as "credit”, the money is still deducted from your checking account, but there is no fee and transactions are unlimited.

Travel Notification

When you travel, you make purchases out of your normal pattern. These purchases may be blocked by our fraud department. Make sure we have your cell phone number on file in case our credit card fraud department needs to confirm charges. If you have charges denied, simply call the number on the back of your card. Check out our Top 10 Travel Tips.

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