Auto Buying Programs

Credit unions have made a name for themselves in providing low-cost auto loans to thousands of members. Heartland FCU is no different!

Our competitive low interest rates and various terms make choosing Heartland FCU for your auto financing a smart choice. Here are some resources to make the auto buying process convenient and stress-free.

Need help saving money on the purchase of a new or used automobile? Check out our Member Showroom through TRUECar. You'll benefit from no haggle pricing and a guaranteed savings certificate on a new vehicle. You'll also benefit from in-depth vehicle information and price reports.

What’s It Worth?

If you’re trading in a car or selling your current car for a down payment, then know its real value. Not researching may cause you to lose hundreds or thousands of dollars.

What's It Going to Cost?

Choosing a fuel-efficient vehicle is good for the environment and good for your wallet. Check out the latest facts and figures on fuel economy from the U.S. government.

Make an Informed Decision

Review tips on deciding between new and used, insurance, negotiating, and timing.