Overdraft Products

Most people don't overdraw their accounts on purpose. Life doesn't always go according to plan and mistakes can happen. Save embarrassment with Heartland’s Overdraft Products.

Overdraft Protection & Overdraft Privilege (Check/ACH/Debit)

With Overdraft Protection you can pay bills electronically and write checks without worrying about them being returned. You can choose to link a savings account to help facilitate transaction approval. A transfer fee will be charged with Overdraft Protection. If Overdraft Protection is not assigned, Overdraft Privilege** may kick in and take your account up to $500 in the negative. A fee is charged whenever this privilege is utilized. If Member does not have Overdraft Protection and is not eligible for Overdraft Privilege, the item will not be paid and a fee will be charged.

Negative Overdraft (Point of Sale)

When you opt in for Negative Overdraft* your point-of-sale transactions will go through even when you don't have the funds available in your checking account. An overdraft fee will be charged. If you opt out of Negative Overdraft, your everyday check card transactions may be declined if you attempt to make a transaction without sufficient funds.
* Member is eligible for Overdraft Privilege and Negative Overdraft if the following conditions are met: 1.) Account has been open for at least 60 days. 2.) Member has deposited at least $400 in the account in the last 30 days. 3.) Member is not in default on any loan obligation under account number with transaction(s) in question and 4.) Member is not continuously overdrawn for 29 days.


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