Questions and answers to our members' most common inquiries.

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TruStage Insurance

Why did TruStage (through Heartland FCU) decide to mail me this information?
How did they get my name?
What if I don’t want to receive insurance offers in the mail?
Where can I learn more about TruStage?
What is TruStage?
How do they address privacy?
When I call the toll-free number, am I going to get a high-pressured insurance agent who will try to talk me into buying something I don’t want?


What information do I need for a direct deposit or automatic withdrawal?
I cancelled my gym membership but it continues to come out of my account. What can I do?
What is Heartland FCU's routing number?
Do you take cash?
Do you run credit checks for loans?
How do I become a member?
Is there a comparison site for credit cards?

Credit Scores

Why do financial institutions use FICO scores?
Are there other names for FICO scores?
What does my credit score need to be to get a loan?
Is there a difference between a "credit score" and a "FICO score"?
How can I get my credit report?


Is there a limit to a VA loan?
Can I get FHA financing for a rental/investment property?
Can I get FHA financing for a condo?
Why should I consider FHA financing for my home mortgage?
What is the FHA loan limit?
Can I refinance into an FHA mortgage?
What is a VA loan?


I'd like to get into a LifePerks, but I'm not sure which package makes the most sense for me.
I've been in the LifePerks program for about a year and I received a bill for my AAA or Sam's Club membership, what do I do with it?
How long will it take to get my AAA or Sam's Club Membership?
I want to join LifePerks, but I already have a AAA or Sam's Club membership.
It's been longer than 4-6 weeks and I still don't have my membership.
A family member of mine already has LifePerks but we have different member numbers. Am I eligible?
Can I have a secondary person on my membership?
Can I upgrade my Sam's Club or AAA membership?
Can I switch from a AAA membership to a Sam's Club or vice versa?
How do I receive my Amazon.com Gift Card?
How do I redeem my Amazon Gift Card?
What information do I need if I choose the 2 boxes of checks?
I have more than one member number. Can I combine the two to meet the qualifications for a LifePerks reward?

Monumental Life Insurance

Do I automatically receive the no-cost basic insurance?
Must I buy additional coverage in order to get the AD&D no-cost basic coverage?
Does this cover on-the-job accidents?
How much additional coverage is available? Can I also insure my family?
Must I take a medical exam or answer health questions?
I bought additional coverage and received "Added Benefits." What does this mean?
Is there an age cut off?
When does my coverage begin?`
What does "common carrier" mean?
How long does it take before I receive my Insurance Coverage Document?
What if I decide to cancel?
How will I be billed?
How do I file a claim?
How long will it take to process my claim?
Who is the plan administrator?


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